Since 2012, Easy Office has been at the forefront of providing quality, professional co-working space here in Gibraltar. Over the last six years we have seen over 150 businesses pass through our doors and onto better things. Some have stayed longer than others but one thing they all share is a flexible office solution. This is the sole objective of our business, to give start-ups the best possible base for launching their new ventures.

In our opinion there are numerous benefits of working in a co-working space:

Separating work from home life – working from home can be great! You have all your home comforts to hand, the TV, coffee machine, fridge and even your bed for those early afternoon siestas. However, it is not for everyone. These comforts can easily become distractions. Whether it be the dishes or morning TV they cut into your productiveness.

Working alone can be hard – working in isolation from other people can be tough on your mental health and mood. Just being in an office with other people can help remove this feeling of being alone.

Routine and effectiveness – if you have left a position in a 9-5 job to start your own business then it is critical you keep yourself in a routine. Getting to the office for 8.30/9.00 and leaving at 4.00/5.00 helps to keep you sharp and effective.

Projecting a professional image – many start-ups work from locations such as Costa Coffee, restaurants or even hotel foyers. Although this may suite some businesses, having your own office space projects a little more professionalism. You are serious about your business and have a space where you can have private conversations without the disruption of noise or other people.

Cost and certainty – a co-working contract with Easy Office gives you the assurance of a fixed price per month. Rent, rates, service charges, electricity, even tea, coffee and water are all included in your co-working contract. This gives you a great sense of stability, rather than the worry about what bills are going to arrive next. In addition to this, because you are sharing the workspace the price you pay is far less than the cost of operating from your own dedicated office.

Networking – working from a co-working space opens up opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals. Whether this be with unrelated businesses or potential new customers there is a network around you.

Growing at your own speed – something which gets overlooked when working from a co-working space is ability to grow your business within the confines of a professional and cost-effective environment. We have seen many businesses grow from sole traders to three and four person businesses within 12 months. All of this can be achieved through our cost effective solution.

Help Hand – as with many co-working spaces, Easy Office can provide a helping hand if you need assistance. This can be help with tax/employment forms through to providing you with leads and introductions to businesses who are interested in your products or services.

Whether you are one of the new generation of digital nomads or a more traditional start-up, Easy Office can tick all the boxes. Our office is clean, bright and professional and available at very low rates.

Our door is always open, either make an appointment by contacting or pop in if you are passing, our own office is open Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm.

Easy Office - The Perfect Solution

Our sole purpose is to provide the best virtual office service possible.